Time to Reset, Refocus, and Reflect

AS I SEE IT | Missy Gale, CFRE
February 2020

I blinked and January was gone. The flurry of a new year, reflection on the last, the responsibility of coming up with bigger and better goals for 2020, resolving to somehow improve both personally and professionally, again. So much on my plate. Time to reset. Honestly, I’m already feeling behind.

In late January I scurried over to Southwest Christian Schools’ groundbreaking ceremony. I was expecting the typical shovel and dirt exercise coupled with a few words from dignitaries and leadership. But the morning ended up being very different.

Amidst the morning chapel and speeches, there was the unveiling of the new Christian Leadership Center and announcement of more than $10 million raised. As a fly over video of the new building was unveiled, whispering and chatter began amongst the students in the audience. The fly over zoomed into the building, showing the inside of the planned Center. The students’ voices grew louder with laughter and joy. Donors and leadership in the front rows looked back at the students somewhat in wonder at first, then with joy as they experienced the firsthand opportunity to see the excitement in the students’ faces and their open demonstration of gratitude for what was to come for them and for future students.

When most organizations break ground for a new facility, they are also demonstrating that they will open a new, expanded chapter in their evolving mission to provide for their clients, patients, members, children, families or students. But generally, we don’t get to hear the recipients’ shrieks of glee. We imagine them and we know that through this work, these gifts, and this leadership, somehow the lives of people will be touched and improved.

Thursday’s groundbreaking and the students of Southwest Christian reminded me to stop for a few minutes and be grateful.

Development work is hard. It takes time, commitment, consensus building, planning, dedication and belief. The calendar and the clock keep ticking, just like our hearts. We just need to stop sometimes to listen to the beats.

For February, give yourself grace. March will be here before you know it.

*photo credit to Mike Gibson https://www.mikegibsonphoto.com/index