(Fort Worth, TX) – M. Gale & Associates is the newest member of The Giving Institute. The Giving Institute encompasses 50 member organizations from around the world that have embraced and embodied the core values of ethics, excellence, and leadership in advancing philanthropy. Established in 1935 as the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel, The Giving Institute (renamed in 2005), is the parent organization of the Giving USA Foundation, which endeavors to advance philanthropy through research and education and produces the annual report of charitable giving in the United States, Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy.

“We are honored to join this esteemed organization that shares our mission to further the art and science of philanthropy,” said Missy Gale, president, and CEO of M. Gale & Associates. “Our membership will enable us to bring the latest thinking and approaches to philanthropy to our clients in North Texas. Being a part of The Giving Institute aligns with our commitment to strategic philanthropy.”

For the past decade, M. Gale has partnered with nonprofits large and small, on various aspects of their fundraising initiatives. Today, M. Gale works with a variety of nonprofits including Texas Health Resources, the San Antonio Museum of Art, Ronald McDonald House Dallas, and Arlington Life Shelter.

“Over the past ten years, we have had the opportunity and great fortune to work with some really incredible organizations on projects big and small,” said Gale. “It’s been a blessing to us because the wonderful and beautiful thing about philanthropy is that while you are giving, you are receiving. We’re grateful for what we’ve received from working with these organizations.” 

Learn more about The Giving Institute at www.givinginstitute.org

For more information about M. Gale & Associates, www.mgaleassociates.com.