M. Gale & Associates Works With Arlington Life Shelter To Exceed $4.2 Million Capital Campaign Goal


Arlington Life Shelter (ALS) has become the final safety net for those suffering from homelessness and poverty in Arlington, TX. As the Arlington community thrives and grows, so do the challenges and demands related to meeting the needs of those without a home or other resources. The ALS board of directors recently adopted a five-year strategic plan anchored by a new 14,000 square foot building located next to the organization’s current facility. Achieving the boards’ ambitious vision required a commitment to raising $5.2 million to fund construction of the new building and renovations. A critical component of the total goal was a $750,000 challenge grant from the Mabee Foundation. The grant would be paid if ALS could successfully raise $4,450,000.


Based on a successful engagement with M. Gale & Associates for the initial feasibility study for the capital campaign, ALS turned to M. Gale for campaign management and coaching services.

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The Secret Remedy for Fundraising Exhaustion

The first quarter of 2019 nonprofit fundraising is in the rear view mirror and special events are in season. The finish line never ends. Today is your day and your mountain of work is waiting for you.

But there’s hope.

Because sharing and caring is at the heart of what you do everyday serving the nonprofit sector, taking time to connect with coworkers and other professionals will feed your soul.

I’m reminded of the power of relationships by just having wrapped up a fast-paced three-day AFP International Conference, my feet are tired but my brain is on fire.

I’m inspired by the brain power of mighty thought leaders that challenge our conventional way of thinking and by the new professionals just entering the world of our craft who are eager to put their talents to use and leave the world a better place.

From topics like donor centricity to donor dominance, and using artificial intelligence to anticipate a donors’ every need, I learned that our sector and our daily lives are filled with navigating complexity in a rapidly changing marketplace.

We fundraisers and nonprofit professionals do it willingly, with gusto for the causes we cherish.

The simple formula for success is having people alongside you who will lift you up when you are down or push you to do better. It is priceless. That’s why I pulled out my iPhone with intention to load up my calendar and connect with my mentors, mentees and reach out of my comfort zone to initiate new connections.

For the better part of 35 years I’ve never stopped learning from colleagues and love making new friends along the way,  It helps me remember why we do what we do.

I hope to see you at the DFW Philanthropy Conference on Wednesday, May 29th when hundreds of local professionals gather at the Irving Convention Center. Come by and visit the M. Gale & Associates booth because I’d love to hear your secret remedy for fundraising fatigue with me.

Let’s lift the fog of fatigue together.


Barbara Shelton, CFRE