Strategic Planning

Key School“The M. Gale & Associates team assisted our Key School stakeholders with a comprehensive and thorough long-range strategic plan. Key School now has a clear blueprint for implementing the action plan developed during our two-day retreat lead by their team. This blueprint has put the school on a clear path for the future.”

Kerri Benson, Director, Key School

What do you want your organization to look like in three to five years? How will you get there?

Strategic Planning will help any organization of any size develop a road map to your organization’s future through a strategic planning process that produces measurable and attainable goals, builds internal consensus for organizational priorities and outlines the resources required to get there.

The Strategic Planning process can be customized to meet the needs of your organization but typically includes a retreat of leadership staff and the Board of Directors. M. Gale & Associates will develop the retreat agenda, facilitate the meeting itself and provide a report of meeting outcomes with a written summary of the retreat for the group’s use. A customized template that includes easy-to-use interfaces with the capability to edit and update action items and their status is also provided.

M. Gale & Associates utilizes the ToP Facilitation method of participation for Strategic Planning developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA that effectively:

  • Aligns organization members around common goals and strategies
  • Identifies well-focused actions that lead to big breakthroughs
  • Enables a group to come to a common vision and own the resulting plan
  • Weaves together the basic tools to address complex meeting requirements

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