Board Facilitation & Development

cornerstone academy“M. Gale & Associates motivated our board members to take a more critical look at our future goals and helped to pinpoint specific tasks for each member.  Thank you for the personal touch you provided in your services.”

Vera A. McKissic, Minister of Education, Cornerstone Academy

Is your Board of Directors functioning effectively?  Do you have the right skill sets on your board?  Are your board members engaged and effective in the fundraising process? M. Gale & Associates understands the dynamics and essential roles of the non-profit board. We offer an array of services to facilitate and develop board engagement.

Effective fundraising skills can be learned. By playing to their strengths, it is possible to transform your board into an enthusiastic team of successful fundraisers.

Board Facilitation & Development with M. Gale & Associates as your partner, fosters a team approach between top executives, staff and leadership.  We offer:

  • Board surveys and assessments
  • Consensus building workshops
  • Business action planning
  • Training for specific fundraising campaigns or projects
  • Training on broad roles and responsibilities

M. Gale & Associates, LLC utilizes the ToP Facilitation method of participation for Strategic Planning developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA that effectively:

  • Aligns organization members around common goals and strategies
  • Identifies well-focused actions that lead to big breakthroughs
  • Enables a group to come to a common vision and own the resulting plan
  • Weaves together the basic tools to address complex meeting requirements

Call us today to start turning board member enthusiasm into financial support for your mission.

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