Development Assessment & Planning

launchability“They did a top-down evaluation of everything we have done in development and presented a clear list of doable changes with reachable goals.

It’s been more than 10 years since the agency hired its first development officer and time to check our performance. We received from M. Gale & Associates, LLC, a thoughtful and clear list of recommendations producing results within a month of receipt.  We also received a fantastic blueprint for the future, coupled with training for key board members to help us expand our reach and enhance our investment. Money spent has already been returned!”

Cathy Packard, Executive Director,LaunchAbility (formerly known as Special Care & Career Services)

Fundraising Strategy

How effective is your organization’s fundraising program?  Are you getting the biggest bang for your development buck?  Are your fundraising efforts keeping pace with your organization’s needs?

A Development Assessment allows organizations to step back and objectively assess fundraising program effectiveness against industry standards, best practices and the organization’s own objectives.

Fundraising strategy must be personalized to meet an organization’s mission, vision, purpose and priorities.  Understanding all of the factors impacting an organization’s ability to meet its fundraising objectives is essential to an effective strategy and the resulting implementation plan.   The art of effective fundraising planning and strategy is the compilation of organizational mission, donor interest, leadership, passion and staff’s ability to effectively execute the fundraising direction.

M. Gale & Associates assesses the organization’s current donor base and giving patterns, development strategies and implementation techniques to understand the strengths and opportunities of the nonprofit today.  Through a simple auditing process, we review data management, financial management, gift acceptance, tracking and acknowledgement processes to help streamline and improve administrative work.

Interviews are conducted with staff, board leadership and other key stakeholders, gathering insider perspective of how effective the development program is and where there may be opportunity for improvement.  MGA goes a step further by interviewing select donors on how their experience is when giving to the organization.  All of the information gathered is analyzed and a tailored, a realistic strategy and plan is developed with specific goals, benchmarks and outcomes measurements.

Following the Development Planning process, your MGA team stands ready to train leadership and staff in the areas where implementation assistance may be needed. The Development Assessment & Planning process is designed to help development teams go from Good to Great!

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Development Assessment Planning