Planning is the first and most important step you will take in mapping your organization’s future.  From organization-wide strategic planning to campaign feasibility, adding M. Gale & Associates to your team can make the difference between a plan on paper and a plan in action.

What do you want your organization to look like in three to five years?  How will you get there?

Strategic Planning will help any organization of any size develop a road map to your organization’s future through a strategic planning process that produces measurable and attainable goals, builds internal consensus for organizational priorities and outlines the resources required to get there.

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Will your project come to fruition? Are your donors willing to support this big of a project?

The feasibility or planning study is the first and most important step your organization will take in planning a successful capital, endowment or capacity campaign.  This study includes an assessment of your project, goals and timeline as well as a valuation on donor and internal readiness.

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How effective is your organization’s fundraising program?  Are you getting the biggest bang for your development buck?  Are your fundraising efforts keeping pace with your organization’s needs?

A Development Assessment allows organizations to step back and objectively assess fundraising program effectiveness against industry standards, best practices and the organization’s own objectives.

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Is your Board of Directors functioning effectively?  Do you have the right skill sets on your board?  Are your board members engaged and effective in the fundraising process?

M. Gale & Associates understands the dynamics and essential roles of the non-profit board. We offer an array of services to facilitate and develop board engagement.

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