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North Texas Giving Tuesday Now: A Reminder That We’re All in This Together

The Communities Foundation of Texas, with the help of United Way Metropolitan Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys recognized the immediate negative impact of COVID-19 on the nonprofits of North Texas and offered the community a way to respond through the North Texas Giving Day platform.  

When you try something different, you’ll get different results.

Over 100,000 people gave $50 million last fall for the 2019 North Texas Giving Day. Normally an annual giving opportunity, the huge shift in strategy came after the Communities Foundation of Texas, United Way Metropolitan Dallas and the Dallas Cowboys sought a meaningful way to drum up support for non-profits seeking emergency funding as the initial impact of COVID-19 was felt. Early giving opened on April 14, and two weeks in advance of the event more than 4000 donations had already been made 

Nonprofit organizations are facing unprecedented obstacles as those providing critical needs such as meals, shelter, and health care have been responding to overwhelming number of new clients. Other organizations are feeling the financial strain as events are postponed, fees for service are eliminated through cancelled programs, and staff face unexpected layoffs.  

A reason to be optimistic

North Texas Giving Tuesday Now on May 5 saw an impressive level of success with more than $20.76 million total given in nearly 90,000 donations. Individuals also volunteered to help through virtual or socially distanced opportunities—like online counseling, teaching, and fostering pets. More than 297,000 hours were pledged.  

The numbers give us a lot to celebrate. More than 3000 local nonprofits participated sharing more than 20 different causes. One of the most encouraging takeaways is the number of individual donors, corporations, and foundations that jumped in to helpAlmost all of us have been affected by COVID-19 but North Texans showed great support for our community in a time of urgent need.  

Socially distant we may be, yet it is together we make the biggest difference.  


About the Author

Chloe Rodriguez joined M. Gale & Associates in 2020. Chloe’s experience working with nonprofits includes fundraising, communications and managing special events for several organizations in Texas. Prior to joining M. Gale, she served as development manager for Camp Fire First Texas. Chloe holds an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from Kansas State University and a graduate degree in Public Service and Administration from the Bush School at Texas A&M University. As marketing manager for M. Gale & Associates, she combines her expertise in messaging and branding with her passion for philanthropy. Chloe lives in Fort Worth with her husband and two boys. 

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