Here I am, standing in front of a one-story brick building at 3000 Race Street in northeast Fort Worth, staring through the front windows at the wall displaying a shiny new logo…M Gale & Associates. Many thoughts come to mind. A new home. A new team. A new way of working. A vibrant new neighborhood. All pointing to an exciting new future.

After working virtually for more than ten years, why did I decide to move into a physical office space? Afterall, we’ve been able to successfully serve many organizations throughout north Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, and Denton, as well as surrounding states through a virtual office and business model utilizing non profit and fundraising expert consultants.  The answer is simple – to work better together. A physical office environment allows us to collaborate and develop a team who can consistently develop, sustain and deliver high quality, innovative, strategic philanthropic services to our clients.

Our new home really represents our guiding philosophy when working with clients…partnering and collaborating to create a dynamic, success-driven team. As a firm, we focus on helping our clients utilize the tools available to them to strengthen their organizations.

I fervently support a professional work environment that recognizes professionals based on their contributions and honors them as individuals who require a work/life balance to be authentic and achieve their personal goals.  Recognizing the human need for all types of relationships – personal and work related – I believe teams need a place to be together, to know and trust one another and feed off of one another’s passions and expertise to build better together.

Gale & Associates business model today involves both a professional employed team and a strong team of experts in nonprofit fundraising and management who contract with us to help deliver services. The “office” gives us a place to come together anytime. Technology also allows us to conference in or be together virtually.  We utilize both inperson and virtual communication tools every day. 

With the opening of our new office, M. Gale & Associates is proud to be a part of the Six Points Race Street community.  Race Street is located just northeast of downtown Fort Worth and is part of an urban redevelopment and revitalization project called Six Points Race Street which has recently received an urban walkable place designation through Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at The George Washington University


We invite you to visit our new home and catch the spirit of enthusiasm that is at the heart of M Gale.