Fantastic question! Some organizations build a three-year plan, while others look further out to long range planning at five to 10 years. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule on how often you should review your progress. The M. Gale and Associates approach focuses on a three-year plan with a specific action/implementation plan with longer range strategic directions. Whether you go the shorter term route or plan out for a longer time period, we can offer a few tips to ensure the plan doesn’t end up gathering dust on a shelf in everyone’s office:

  1. Develop a dashboard for your strategic plan-one that is simple and that visually conveys your organization’s progress toward each goal.
  2. Integrate the plan’s strategies and goals into annual workplans, leadership meetings, employee supervisions and performance reviews.
  3. Provide written dashboard updates to your board of directors at every meeting and schedule 1-2 verbal presentations and discussions on strategic plan progress annually.