How to Motivate Team for Holiday Fundraising

“My team is burnt out!”

This isn’t an uncommon statement for busy nonprofit organizations. It is often hard for fundraisers to find joy in rush, stress, and pressure of year-end Holiday Fundraising. Our team had a few thoughts on helping your team through this challenging time of year.

#1 Stay Calm and Raise On

Yes, it’s a hectic and often stressful time for fundraisers. Will we make a goal? Will all of our clients have something to open on Christmas? Attitudes are contagious and, regardless of the answer to these questions, you and your team are making the effort, so make it a positive one!

#2 We all need a few Elves this time of year

Take advantage of the holiday goodwill and say yes, whenever possible, to offers of help! Holiday fundraising requires many helping hands. Treat your volunteers like employees by giving them training, deadlines, supervision and of course amazing praise.

#3 Even Santa takes breaks

Set work boundary rules for you and your team during the busy season. Fourteen hour days will make a Grinch out of anyone!

#4 Celebrate too

Don’t forget to take a moment (or three) to celebrate the holidays with your team. They’ve worked hard and deserve a time to celebrate too! Consider organizing your celebration to include a mission moment for your team to inspire their efforts even further!