Board & Staff Training

cornerstone academy“M. Gale & Associates motivated our board members to take a more critical look at our future goals and helped to pinpoint specific tasks for each member. Thank you for the personal touch you provided in your services.”

Vera A. McKissic, Minister of Education, Cornerstone Academy

Does your board or staff need some continuing education in the fundraising arena? Tailored trainings for your specific and unique needs and challenges provide the biggest pay off for your organizational goals.

M. Gale & Associates offers group training for boards and fundraising staff that can be designed to fit within a pre-determined board or staff meeting or planned as a specific workshop. Unlike webinars or professional association educational offerings, these training sessions are designed to meet your specific and unique objectives. They are interactive and provide post documentation and feedback to help continue the learning process when the training is over.

We’ve also developed curricula and provide workshops open to a cross section of development, nonprofit executives and leadership on those topics we are most frequently asked to conduct.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

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