Good question, we are glad you are thinking about donors. Here a few thoughts in response:


Collect and pre-screen your attendee list early

Start asking for guest information well in advance and review your attendee list to identify key donors, sponsors, and prospects prior to your event. Develop a priority list and assign each prospect to a relationship manager (you, your staff, your board or your CEO).

Prepare to say thanks

Take a few minutes to write personal notes of thanks to your event sponsors and table hosts. Have the notes placed on their table before they arrive. It’s a personal touch that makes your donors feel special.


Debrief with your team as soon as possible

Gather your team of relationship managers as soon as possible after the event and download observations and conversations had with donors and prospects. And, take great notes and be sure to enter them into your database.

Develop and implement personalized follow-up plans

In addition to your standard event thank you and feedback requests, develop plans with each relationship manager for their prospects that outline their next contact, timeline and its purpose.