Our Team

M. Gale & Associates believes it takes a top-quality team to produce top-quality work for our nonprofit clients. We’re proud that 80 percent of our fundraising professional consultants are Certified Fund Raising Executives (CFRE), with a combined total of more than 220 years of fundraising experience.

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Missy Gale
Missy Gale, CFRE – President & CEO

As president and founder of M. Gale & Associates, Missy Gale, CFRE, has dedicated almost three decades to crafting unique strategies and solutions to complex fundraising projects and organizational issues, resulting in transformational fundraising success for her clients.

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Barbara Shelton
Barbara Shelton, CFRE – Vice President

Barbara Shelton, CFRE, is a veteran fundraiser and nonprofit executive with 35 years of experience working with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and providing consultancy services.

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Laura Hutyra
Laura Hutyra, CFRE – Director of Client Engagements

Laura Hutyra, CFRE, applies her deep knowledge of and extensive experience in fundraising to serve a broad array of clients. Her expertise in communications helps clients implement consistent and mission-focused messages throughout fundraising engagements.

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Linda de Alba
Linda de Alba – Business Manager

In her role as business manager, Linda is an anchor for M. Gale’s daily office activities, connecting with clients and ensuring smooth business operations.

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Chloe Rodriguez
Chloe Rodriguez, MPSA – Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager for M. Gale & Associates, Chloe combines her expertise in messaging and branding with her passion for philanthropy.

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Shay Feeney
Shay Feeney – Client Engagements Coordinator

Shay provides critical support to the operations team, connecting with clients throughout their engagement, and helping to prepare deliverables.

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Karen Perry
Karen Perry, CFRE – Senior Consultant

Karen Perry, CFRE, approaches her clients with a deep understanding of the work of growing a development program over time, as well as experience in addressing broad nonprofit management concerns.

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Clint Riley
Clint Riley, MBA – Campaign Director

Working with M. Gale & Associates’ clients, Clint Riley brings his passion for arts, culture and education, along with a depth of experience in nonprofit administration.

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Abby Waterstreet
Abby Waterstreet – Campaign Associate

As Campaign Associate, Abby helps manage a major human services campaign initiative in north Texas.

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Barbara H McColm
Barbara H. McColm, CFRE – Senior Associate

Barbara McColm, CFRE, has more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising, working with clients in healthcare, retirement living services, and community service organizations.

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Anna Hammonds
Anna Hammonds, CFRE – Associate

From healthcare and the arts to community service organizations, Anna has worked with dozens of M. Gale & Associates clients to help them achieve their missions.

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Anne Robillard
Anne Robillard, CFRE – Associate

Anne Robillard, CFRE, brings 30 years of experience in sales and marketing to optimize M. Gale & Associates’ strategic approach to fundraising to benefit the clients with whom she works.

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Roger Partridge
Roger Partridge, CFRE – Associate

With nearly 30 years of fundraising experience, Roger Partridge, CFRE, offers a wealth of knowledge in areas including annual gifts, special events, endowment funds, capital campaigns, planned giving and major gifts.

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Dwight Robarts
Dwight Robarts – Associate

An experienced, donor-focused fundraiser, Dwight Robarts also brings deep expertise with religious institutions, having served as a pastor for 35 years with churches in Tennessee, Florida, and Texas.

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