Our Team

Missy Gale

Experience: 30 years
Expertise: Strategy, Major Gifts Fundraising, Capital and Major Project Management, Leadership/Volunteer Management
Excellence: “Fund development is a process; daily and deliberate.”


Barbara McColm, CFRE

Experience: 29 years
Expertise: Campaign Management, Feasibility/Planning Studies, Operational Assessment
Excellence: “You can’t manage what you don’t understand.”


Anne Robillard, CFRE

Experience: 30 years
Expertise: Relationship Management, Project Strategy/Implementation, Custom Solutions
Excellence: “If you feel like you are begging for money, then it’s not philanthropy.”


Anna Hammonds, CFRE

Experience: 11 years
Expertise: Internal Audits/Assessments, Development Systems/Processes, Database Management
Excellence: “It’s all about relationships!”

Barbara Clark-Galupi

Experience: 18 years
Expertise: Fundraising Operations, Database Management, Donor Centric Communications, Strategy and Planning
Excellence: “Ask yourself every day, every hour: does this matter to my donors?”


Laura Hutyra, CFRE

Experience: 10 years
Expertise: Communication, Volunteer Management, Donor Relations
Excellence: “Relationships, not dollars, make wonderful things happen!”


Ellen P. Ray, MA

Experience: 25 years
Expertise: Donor relations, Board & Volunteer Development, Special Events
Excellence: “Mission First!”


Richard Russack

Experience: 8 years
Expertise: Strategic Planning, Marketing, Community/Corporate Relations
Excellence: “Think before you speak, and before you write anything!”


Cassie McQuitty

Experience: 11 years
Expertise: Volunteer management, Event Planning, Market Segmentation, Donor Engagement, Corporate Giving
Excellence: “The world doesn't change on a wish and good intention. It takes profession, passion and philanthropy aligning.”


“The expertise and professionalism of Missy and her Associates is at the highest level; my staff and I enjoyed working with them and feel great confidence in our fundraising plans.”

Clint Riley, PhD, Executive Director, Texas Center for Arts + Academic